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Meet R.A.L.F. Vision X Lighting's New Machine Assistant

Here at Vision X Lighting, we are excited to announce the purchase of our new in-house CNC milling machine, also known as, R.A.L.F. Watch the video below!

R.A.L.F. enables us to expand our manufacturing capabilities at the Vision X U.S. plant with rapid prototyping and product development.

Be prepared for the speedy road ahead towards our #MadeinUSA product line.

R.A.L.F. being installed in the Vision X Lighting manufacturing warehouse in Auburn, WA.


Here's our list of manufacturers we used to assemble R.A.L.F.

Machine Manufacturer: Haas Automation, Inc.

Haas Automation is the largest machine tool builder in the western world, manufacturing a complete line of CNC vertical machining centers, horizontal machining centers, CNC lathes and rotary products. The company also builds a variety of specialty machines, including 5-axis machining centers, mold making machining centers, tool room machines, and gantry routers. Learn More

CNC Software: CAMWorks

Geometric Americas Inc. (An HCL Technologies Company) is an established developer of innovative CAD/CAM products. Geometric Americas' first product, ProCAD/CAM, was introduced in 1984. CAMWorks was introduced in 1997. This state-of-the-art solids CAM product is designed for product oriented manufacturing companies. CAMWorks is available for machining centers, turning, mill/turn and wire EDM applications.

Cutting Tools: Helical Solutions

Helical Cutting Tools
Helical Mill Cutting Tools

Since 2001, Helical has been designing and manufacturing high performance carbide cutting tools. They also specialize in custom cutting tools, providing innovative solutions. Learn More

Orange Vise
Orange Vise

Orange Vise Company was founded in 2012, manufacturing entirely in Southern California. They specialized in workholding, machine vises, CNC machining and milling. Read about the key advantages of the Orange Vise System, here.

Hangsterfer's Cutting Oil
Hangsterfer's Cutting Oil

Hangsterfer’s cutting oils are recognized by Swiss-Style screw machine manufacturers around the world, and Hangsterfer’s Next Generation® (Hard-Cut ® NG) Series is formulated with the industry’s safest extreme pressure additives. Learn More

Cutting Tools: Mitsubishi Materials

Mitsubishi Materials U.S.A. Corporation (MMUS) was founded in 1984 with a charter to provide solutions in manufacturing process technologies to leading manufacturing companies in North America. Learn More

Tool Holders: MariTool

MariTool Tool Holders
MariTool Tool Holders

MariTool is backed by over 20 years of CNC machining experience bringing high quality precision tool holders, collets, and machine accessories. Learn More

The first three comments on this blog to guess the R.A.L.F. acronym will receive a FREE Vision X t-shirt. #think80s

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