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PistenBully Tri-Color Headlight System

The Vision X PistenBully factory headlight system is an LED upgrade from the stock Xenon or LED lights. At a fraction of the amperage draw, the LED headlights produce two to three times the light output of the Xenon and can offer an unique variable color spectrum for operators to see in different conditions. This kit easily bolts on to give a factory finish while easy wiring modification will allow the lights to quick connect in case of future maintenance and service.

Learn the benefits of each headlight color in the video above.


  • Three color spectrum for snow groomer operators to see in different winter conditions.

  • LED system produces two-three times the light output with a reduced amperage draw.

  • Snap-on polycarbonate lens for operator customization.

  • Easy wiring modifications and installation for a clean factory finish look.

  • Mirror lights in the system create near daytime conditions letting you focus on the slopes. 

Amber Headlight
Reduces glare in fog.

Blue Headlight
Cuts through the snow for better depth perception in heavy winter conditions.

White Headlight
High beam 5000K color temperature for high efficiency and superior visibility.

Add visibility and customization in any winter condition with easy maintenance!

Product Kit Spec Sheet Download

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