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Seeing Decay On Your Light Fixtures?

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

The Corrosion Resistant Series from Vision X Lighting are engineered with a plastic tri-coated aluminum housing designed to fight deterioration in high-risk environments like SX/EW (Solvent Extraction and Electrowinning) Plants.

The stainless steel trunnion brackets and hardware guarantee durability and a corrosion-free fixture for the life of the light, while the quick connect cable ensures a simply install and speed maintenance.

All products are subjects to rigorous product testing to ensure long term durability in acid mist environments. The Corrosion Resistant Series consists of the 10-Watt, 50-Watt, 140-Watt, and 280-Watt LED lighting fixtures.

To learn more, download the SX/EW Corrosion Resistant Series catalog below.

Inside you'll find product technical details all in one place!

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