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Read How this Mine Site Benefits from Vision X LED Technology

Dragline Spring Creek Mine
Bucyrus-Erie 1570 Dragline

Product Solution: AC Flood Series

The Spring Creek Mine is one of three surface coal mines owned and operated by Cloud Peak Energy Inc. Headquartered in Wyoming, Cloud Peak Energy is one of the largest coal producers in the nation recognized for their safety and environmental excellence.

Contributing to the success of the Spring Creek Mine is their Bucyrus-Erie 1570 dragline; shadowing over rock faces as it operates removing high volumes of dirt uncovering the coal seam. Consequently, it is essential for this behemoth machine to run 24/7 as effectively, efficiently, and safely as possible. That’s why superior lighting and low maintenance solutions are crucial. The illumination is necessary for productivity, as well as, visibility surrounding access to the equipment during low light hours.

When looking to upgrade their lighting, Cloud Peak Energy weighed a number of factors including, availability, product support, product pricing, suitability to the application, historical durability of the product line, the ability of each solution to produce the desired illumination, mounting options, power connector design, and color spectrum.

After meeting design specifications and demonstrating product ability, Vision X Lighting’s LED solution outshined competitors with “best value, best price, and best fit to the application,” shared Craig Russell, Senior Maintenance Planner at Spring Creek Mine.

When running the dragline at night, the Vision X AC light fixture’s lumen output and color spectrum has improved the operator’s perception of features in the dig face and floor. Furthermore, the LED technology decreases the power supply voltage without the need for larger power cables.

“The LED lighting reduces the energy load required to produce the light by about 74% when compared to the metal halide lighting which it replaced,” said Craig Russell. “This benefits the company and the environment by improving the efficiency of operation.”

The heavy machinery operators can rest easy knowing they have a reliable product that will shine for them all through the night.

Dragline color rendering
Dragline over 100' wall false color rendering utilizing 10°, 40°, 60°, and 90° optics in a one for one replacement.

Dragline rendering
Dragline over hill 100' wall rendering utilizing 10°, 40°, 60°, and 90° optics in a one for one replacement.

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