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Road Construction Area Light

Updated: May 10, 2019

Vision X Lighting helped a local Highway Paving Company in Washington reduce energy inefficiency and environmental impact while improving safety and light output by upgrading their Pavers inefficient lighting fixtures to premium LED technology. By switching to Vision X LED lighting for its four 1000 watt each overhead lighting fixtures, saves 7,824 kWh of electricity and prevents the release of 69.5 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions every year. The technology upgrade also resulted in a 30% increase in light output, which has increased safety and productivity.

Roadway construction zones are dangerous. Add in elements of night and the traditional hazards of roadway work zones are at a higher rate of impaired or distracted drivers. With more projects being scheduled at night to alleviate motorist congestion on highly traveled roadways, contractors need more illumination to increase overall safety of their work zones. With a rise in LED technology, and an increase in mobile equipment lighting, contractors should be informed of the trends and changes in the industry to make the right decisions on their future lighting purchases. Road Construction Crews have turned to Vision X to replace the many aging, and inefficient light fixtures with superior LED technology.

The Asphalt Paver and Material Transfer Vehicle (MTV) are massive machines, designed to keep demanding jobs moving for a non-stop paving solution. They are previously equipped with two 1000 watt Halogen fixtures per Vehicle to illuminate the machine’s working areas during the long nights. The fixtures consumed nearly 9,600 kWh per year, and leave poorly illuminated areas.

In order to reduce the high energy consumption of these large machines, Vision X developed a plug and play retrofit solution for existing fixtures. In this way all lighting fixtures are easily replaced while continuing to use existing hardware and wiring. Vision X’s LED lighting systems ended up using about 1,777 kWh per year, representing a 78% increase in energy efficiency from the old fixtures.

The Blade Light from Vision X can be folded down into a compact unit thanks to the dual ball joints. The fixture can easily be folded down and stored away into the included storage case. Dual Ball Joints Allows Fixture To Be Folded Down For Compact Storage • Utilizes two CSWD96 LED Fixtures With 210° Beam Pattern • High Efficiency CUBE LEDs Output 117 lumens Per Watt • 5-9 Foot Extendable Mounting Pole • IP68 Waterproof. With a 5’ to 9’ extendable mounting pole and flexible ball joints, the Blade Light can be precisely positioned for any scenario. It uses two CSWD96 LED Fixtures from Vision X that each have a 210° Beam Pattern for maximum coverage. The high efficiency CUBE LEDs output 117 lumens per watt and use minimal amounts of amperage. Ideal for the Paver Market and Construction Industries.

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