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The grand daddy, the big one, the whole enchilada happens at the end of the season with the SCORE International Baja 1000. This year would be different as it marked the 50th running of the famed off-road race in Baja California, Mexico where over 400 entries, thousands of competitors, crew and fans from 27 countries would fight to complete the 1100 mile endurance test. The chewed up terrain stretching over vast deserts, mountain ranges and river crossings would extend racers completely through the night and for some racers, a grueling two nights.

Those teams that prepared for the long night with proper lighting set-ups would have the best chance at keeping a fast pace and surviving the unknown obstacles ahead.

Jagged X Racing

Brandon Scheuler and Jagged X Racing led their Polaris RZR Side-by-Side to the front and through the night with XPR LED light bars shining. The multi-time SCORE champions secured their first Baja 1000 victory, and chalked up their third podium at this event. Brandon commented, “The broad light shining from the XPR LED bars light up the desert with no dull or dark spots, without a doubt they were a key component to winning this race.” Vision X congratulates all finishers of 50th SCORE Baja 1000. Look forward to an even brighter 2018 as more race specific lighting from Vision X is on the horizon, wink wink.

Vision X 30″ XPR-15M

About Vision X: Since 1997, Vision Motor Sports located in Auburn, Washington has produced high performance lighting solutions for racing, off-road, military, aerospace, and industrial applications. From HID technology, automotive Halogen light bulbs to one the originators of the LED light Bar, Vision X continues to innovate, develop and manufacture great value, and high quality production at the forefront. More information at

Jagged X Racing is a Polaris Factory Sponsored Off-Road Race Team competing in the Best in the Desert and SCORE International Race Series. The greater portion of our team is comprised of our amazing family and friends who help make us one of the most competitive race teams out there. We have have been part of and seen the amazing changes that have happened in the UTV community over the last 10 years and are proud to help drive the market to keep creating bigger better things. Together, with our partners, we will put products to the test, on the race course and in our personal lives, and provide the feedback needed for improvement to take competitive levels even higher and make the fun times off the course last even longer!

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