Dark Skies Compliant Fixtures

To meet Dark Sky Compliant requirements, the lighting fixture must be completely shielded and keep light output below the horizontal plane. Permitted fixtures maintain a warm-toned white light source, (3000K or lower) or utilize filtered LED light sources. Higher color temperatures brighten the night environment as opposed to lower, or warmer, color temperatures of emitted light. Sag and drop lenses are prohibited, as well as, side and uplight panels.

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Our Dark Sky Series emit a color temperature (CCT) configuration of 3000K or below

(per ANSI C78.377).


To comply with safety standards, our Dark Sky Series is built with flat lenses. The 140-Watt and 280-Watt fixtures are designed with a painted bezel to eliminate light bleed. The 280-Watt fixture features an arrow alignment indicator to easily position light output to effective and safe areas.


Vision X Lighting fixtures are tested to meet UL Standards by an accredited safety testing laboratory.


Unlike traditional fixtures, LEDs consume less power while emitting effective lumens, are more flexible with light content, and do not require a warm-up period resulting in wasted energy. Vision X LED fixtures are enhanced with Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) technology achieving a 50,000+ hour lifespan.


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