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Usibelli Coal Mine, located near Healy, Alaska (115 miles south of Fairbanks) is the only active coal mining operation in the state of Alaska. The Usibelli mine is a surface mining operation that produces about 2 million tons of coal annually, which is delivered to six interior power plants as well as exported overseas. To strip overburden (waste rock) from the coal seams, Usibelli makes use of a very large exavator known as a dragline. The Usibelli dragline is specifically an electrically powered Bucyrus-Erie 1300W walking dragline, equipped with a 33 cubic yard bucket. Usibelli turned to Vision X to replace the machine’s many aging, inefficient light fixtures with premium LED technology.

In order to to reduce the high energy consumption of the dragline’s lighting systems, Vision X developed a plug and play retrofit solution for existing fixtures. In this way all 20 lighting fixtures were easily replaced while continuing to use existing hardware and wiring. Vision X’s LED lighting systems ended up using about 23,280 kWh per year, representing a 70% increase in energy efficiency from the old fixtures.

The Usibelli Coal Mine is investing in a sustainable future by upgrading their equipment to LED technology. The 23,280 kWh saved per year translates to preventing approximately 42 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions from being released into the atmosphere. This reduction in greenhouse emissions adds to Usibelli’s environmental track record as a pioneer in land reclamation programs before federal law required them. In addition to their energy efficiency all Vision X LED fixtures contain no lead or mercury, are not a risk to the environment upon disposal and require no special disposable procedures.

Dedication to Safety : Usibelli Coal Mine is highly dedicated to the safety of its employees, and similarly Vision X is committed to the safety of its customers. Vision X LED Lights are fully tested for photo-biological safety according to standards set by the International Electrotechnical Commission and are considered safe for human skin and eyes. Vision X lights utilize low voltages and thermally regulated housings, preventing risk of shock and burns during maintenance. Vision X LED lighting systems operate in the 6000K color temperature range, mimicking sunlight and reducing eye strain and worker fatigue. LED technologies also offer a 30% increase in light levels over older technologies, ensuring well lit working areas and decreasing the chances of near-miss events. Maintenance Prevention : Vision X lights are highly dependable, long lasting products that do not require frequent maintenance. Vision X LED lighting systems have long lives typically in excess of 50,000 operating hours, or nearly 6 years of continuous use. Vision X lights also contain built in redundancies and thermal management systems that prevent fixture failures and overheating. Vision X lighting systems are IP68 rated and are completely protected from ingress of dust or liquids. Cost Savings : In addition to the cost savings inherent in increasing electrical efficiency, Vision X LED systems are less expensive than their OE and HID counterparts. The sturdy and long-lasting nature of Vision X lights also reduces costly unscheduled maintenance for lighting systems. Additionally, Vision X LED technology increases productivity and cost savings by reducing operator fatigue and streamlining inventory counts.

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