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2nd Annual Vision X Night Match Classic

Updated: Dec 14, 2017

The 2nd annual Vision X Night Match Classic was held at the Paul Bunyan Rifle & Sportsman's Club in Puyallup, WA on Dec. 9th and 10th. An outlaw action shooting match spanning two days with 6 night stages on December 9th, and 6 day stages on December 10th (12 stages total).

The multiple divisions included pistol and PCC, including pistol braced PCC. The scoring was tracked as a time plus. 37 sponsors provided awards and a full prize table. The match title sponsors were: Vision X USA, NW Safe, Rainier Arms, & Aero Precision.

There were vendor booths, a demo bay, a side match, and BBQ at the range both days for competitors and spectators. 4 of the 6 night shooting bays had colored ambient lighting provided by Vision X.

A vendor provided PCC 3gun stage was also part of the main match. Overall the entire event raised $6,700.00 for Toys for Tots.

We would like to thank all of the sponsors that contributed to the sucess fo this event:

Aero Precision, American Security, Blade-Tech, Blitzkrieg Components, Blue Steel Targets, Brooks Tactical Systems, Carbon Arms, Dillon Precision, Dittoekote, Esstac, Gray Guns, Grey Ghost Precision, Hiperfire, Hornady, Inforce, Isler Custom Gun Works, i-target, JL Billet, Jones Arms, Liberty Safe, MAD Custom Coating, Next Level Armament, NW Safe, Pro Ears, Rainier Arms, Rainier Ballistics, Safariland, Shooting Innovations, Sierra Bullets, Signarama Brunswick, Streamlight, Summit Safe, Surefire, Undr Industries, Vision X, Wes Sage Reloading Supply, and XLR Industries.

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