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BLB Light Industrial Series 9 LED

BLB Light Industrial Series 9 LED


Product Spec Sheet



  • DIMENSIONS - 6.08" x 5.12" x 3.33"
  • RAW LUMENS - 7,200 lm
  • WATTAGE - 63W
  • WEIGHT - 4.96 lbs
  • AMP DRAW - 5.3A @12V
  • VIBRATION RATING - 21.2 Grms
  • IP68 / IP69K
  • CISPR 25

    • Forward rake trunnion bracket
    • Reverse polarity protection
    • Aiming system located on bracket


    The BT Light Industrial Series offers outstanding light output in a functional design which can be easily adjusted with either of the supplied trunnion or single bolt bracket options. High quality construction and components enable the BT Light Industrial Series to withstand vibration up to 21Grms. Built-in reverse polarity protection helps prevent accidental damage caused by incorrect installation. Electronic thermal management ensures that if the light is subjected to massive heat overloads, a self-protection protocol is engaged to reduce the light output. Until the heat overload retreats to normal parameters.


    Extended Warranty: 3 Year for Commercial Markets


    • Proof of purchase is required to validate warranty and is valid from the original date of purchase. All products must be bought through a Vision X Authorized Dealer or one of their dealers/resellers.
    • Improper installation, accident, abuse, neglect and normal wear are not covered under warranty. Including:
      • Opening up light
      • Cutting connector or cord
      • Damage due to physical abuse
      • Lights operated in environments over 120 Fahrenheit
    • Warranty does not cover consumables such as bulbs, ballasts or broken glass
    • Warranted items will be repaired to working condition and returned without cosmetic alterations.
    • All customer warranties should be handled through the dealer/reseller the product was purchased from, customer is responsible for delivery to Vision X Returns in Washington.
    • If product is not under warranty, customers will be responsible for return shipping charges.
    • Additionally, non-warranted items can be repaired at the customer?s expense of parts and labor, at the discretion of Vision X Lighting, who will provide an estimated repair cost before proceeding with the repair.

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