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Safety Solutions for Haul Truck Traffic

Updated: Sep 12, 2018


In high-traffic mining areas, safety is essential – especially in harsh conditions. It’s important to have increased visibility and clear identification between equipment operators and light vehicle traffic.


Identification numbers on large haul trucks are typically flat panels with reflective graphics. These number panels are susceptible to mud and dust making vehicle recognition nearly impossible. This is a serious safety hazard, increasing the risk of an accident on haul truck roads between equipment large and small.


Made specifically for quick vehicle identification, Vision X LED ID Boards are used on both front and rear panels and are designed with 195 crisp LED’s per digit. Multi-colored boards make it easier to determine the orientation of mining vehicles at night or during extreme weather. Some sites are utilizing multiple colors to designate front and rear of equipment.


Haul truck traffic is safer for equipment large and small, even in the harshest of conditions.

Learn more about Vision X LED ID Boards.

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